First, we should clarify the scope of supervision. According to the Regulations on Security Services Management, the personnel who provide specific services such as gatekeepers, patrols (including video patrols), order maintenance and sign labor contracts or employment agreements with their own units in property enterprises should be included in the management of security guards and should not evade supervision on the grounds of so-called "order guards". Two, we must clarify the regulatory requirements. Property security shall not provide security services to places of entertainment, or provide security services outside the property management area, or unlawfully carry out security services in the name of providing property services. Property security officers must take part in the examination and hold certificates, wear standard security clothing, wear a unified national security service logo, prohibit wearing, wearing imitation of the people's police uniform clothing and logo. Three, we should strengthen the investigation and handling of problems. Property service enterprises that fail to carry out security services in accordance with the Regulations on Security Services Management, especially those who illegally carry out security services beyond the realty management area, or refuse to rectify the Notice of Rectification of the Safety Hidden Danger Limit issued by the public security organs, shall strictly abide by the Provincial Public Security Department's Regulations on Security Services Management and enforce the law. The standard of discretion shall be punished according to the law.
The notice emphasizes the importance of strengthening service guidance for property security training. Property service enterprises should be actively guided to train security personnel in legal knowledge, professional knowledge, post skills and professional ethics in accordance with the requirements of the National Security Personnel Qualification Examination Program of the Ministry of Public Security and the needs of property security posts.
Two, we should strengthen the service guidance to declare the national security personnel qualification examination. It is necessary to strengthen the publicity and guidance for the security guards of property service enterprises to apply for the National Security Personnel Qualification Examination, provide advisory services, clarify the examination process and related materials, accept the application enthusiastically, and do a good job in training, examination and certification.
Three, it is necessary to assist property companies to recruit security guards for qualification examination. We should actively assist property enterprises to conduct a strict examination of the qualifications of recruiting security guards. If they have not obtained the qualifications of security guards or have lost the qualifications of security guards, they should promptly inform the property service enterprises to resolutely retire and not engage in security services. Four, we must strengthen the protection of the rights and interests of property security guards. Property enterprises should be supervised to equip themselves with necessary personal protective equipment according to law, and special training should be strengthened to ensure the safety of security guards. Property security guards should give clear-cut support and protection to the acts of curbing crimes according to law, and those who have committed major acts of volunteering for justice should be reported to the local foundation for volunteering for volunteering and rewarding in a timely manner.
At the same time, we should strengthen guidance, co-ordinate arrangements, and resolutely implement all measures for "safe building". Property security is an important force in the construction of social security prevention and control system. All localities should give full play to the advantages of realty security, such as wide social contact and direct contact with the masses, and vigorously carry out activities to create "safe residential areas" and "safe units". Police stations should give full play to the advantages of zero-distance contact with the masses of community policemen, relying on community policing platform to carry out work, and earnestly achieve a clear base of property security in the area under their jurisdiction. We should actively consult with the departments of street and comprehensive management, establish a communication and consultation mechanism for security services of property service enterprises, regularly inform the Party and government organs and other units and the security work of property districts, regularly meet the safety demands of commercial owners and units, analyze problems, study countermeasures, increase investment in scientific and technological means, and constantly raise questions. High property management regional safety precaution level
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